Computer-Based IELTS/ Computer-Delivered IELTS 2024

Computer-Based IELTS

Aside from the paper-based IELTS test, Computer Based IELTS has recently been introduced and is only available in a few locations worldwide. CB IELTS is the name given to this computer-based test. Computer-based IELTS is only available at a few select test centers. However, the IELTS partners intend to expand the availability of the computer-based module in the future.

The computer-delivered test’s listening, reading, and writing sections are done on a computer. However, a human examiner will still do the speaking tests face-to-face, not on a computer.

You will take the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections on a computer. The Speaking test will be conducted in front of a certified IELTS Examiner. The question types, difficulty levels, and scoring system remain unchanged.

It is important to note that all four sections of the computer-delivered IELTS are completed on the same day. Please register for IELTS on paper if you have a special requirement, as this format is available worldwide and caters to all test takers regardless of need. If you choose IELTS on a computer, you will be directed to a different registration system. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with IELTS officials to find out if the computer-delivered test is available in your area and how to register.

You do not need to be an advanced computer user to take the computer-based IELTS. To do well in the computer-based IELTS, you only need to know a few basic computer operations. Remember that your English ability, not your computer ability, is evaluated in CB IELTS.

What is new about computer-based IELTS?

Your result will be available sooner. The computer-delivered IELTS results will be open 5-7 days after the test.

It ensured that speaking timeslots were available on the same day, allowing you to complete all four sections in a single day.

You have the option of registering for the test at the last minute because registration will only close three days before the test date. Keep in mind that it is subject to the availability of seats.

The Reading and Listening sections will be graded automatically by computers. In contrast, a trained IELTS examiner will grade the Speaking test.

Despite the changes mentioned earlier, the test remains essentially unchanged. It will be the same price, and the question types will be the same.


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