Seven Ways to Improve Your IELTS Listening Score 2024

IELTS Listening

Listening is the most accessible module of IELTS, where you can get 9 out of 9. This blog describes the secret to how you can get the best band score.

“Wait, what did she say?” Oh crap, I neglected that!” Does this ring true for you? Do you need to increase your IELTS listening test score? This site would be for you if you answered yes. Here are seven suggestions for improving your listening skills.

Don’t loose attention

Keep in mind that you’ll only hear the audio once. So don’t worry if you didn’t hear certain words or missed some questions! Leave them blank so you may concentrate on the actual part. If you don’t go over those questions at the end of the part, you’ll only miss more questions and become tangled up in the recording. At the same time, you’ll have to read, write, and listen.

Audio Scripts

When selecting or looking for practice tests, look for those that have scripts. Scripts are written transcripts of the audio you’re listening to. Scripts can be used for a variety of activities.

Check for accuracy:

  1. Take notes without using scripts at first.
  2. Compare your notes to the script after that.
  3. Check for spelling errors and misunderstandings.

Read the following passage aloud: Listen to the audio when you’ve finished reading aloud. How precise were you? Did you have a similar tone to the speaker(s)?

Follow along while you listen and read: Keep track of the text while you’re listening. You will be able to build strong connections in terms of pronunciation and understanding important words as a result of this. Take note of how the keywords are said more clearly and loudly.


Have you ever taken an IELTS prep course? You are indeed aware that synonyms are crucial in all exam portions if you answered yes. You must demonstrate your ability to employ synonyms in the speaking and writing exams. Many of the reading and listening exam questions use synonyms in the questions. So practice synonyms.

Transfer answers accurately

You will have 10 minutes after the listening test to enter your answers into the answer sheet. And it’s not uncommon for students to be confused by the enumeration! Check that your answers fit into the correct numbered space as you write them down. To put it another way, make sure that the answer to question 7 is entered into space number 7.

Don’t leave any blank answers!

You will not be marked for an incorrect response, so write something in the answers box even if you don’t know the answer. Make an intelligent guess after rereading the question!

Types of words

Skip over the questions and determine which type of word best fits in each gap. Is it a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adverbial phrase? Fill in the blanks with ‘N’ for noun, ‘V’ for verb, and so on. This will aid your listening comprehension by allowing you to concentrate on the precise word forms.

Use capital letters

You can choose to write the answer in capital or lower case form. I recommend using all capital letters because they are much easier to read and have fewer mistakes.

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