General Reading Practice Test 2024

General Reading Tests

You’ll find a variety of General Reading Practice Tests here. Getting a good band score on your IELTS test requires a lot of practice. You will be able to grasp various aspects of questions posed in the Reading module by taking these reading practice tests. These tests are in PDF format, which makes printing them simple.

General Reading PassagesAnswers
General-reading test 1General-reading test 1 Answers
General-reading test 2General-reading test 2 Answer
General-reading test 3General-reading test 3 Answers
General-reading test 4General-reading test 4 Answers
General-reading test 5General-reading test 5 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-6- Plays Running at West EndGeneral-reading test 6 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-7 – Sunset ToursGeneral-reading test 7 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-8- Citywide Power CompanyGeneral-reading test 8 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-9 – Having a Lovely TimeGeneral-reading test 9 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-10 – Gold’s GymsGeneral-reading test 10 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-11- Why MagazineGeneral-reading test 11 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-12- It’s Your ChoiceGeneral-reading test 12
General-reading-practice-test-13- AccommodationGeneral-reading test 13
General-reading-practice-test-14- INTEROFFICE MEMOGeneral-reading test 14
General-reading-practice-test-15- Art GalleryGenera-reading test 15
General-reading-practice-test-16- Jubilee Swimming Club RegulationsGeneral-reading test 16 Answers
General-reading-practice-test-17- Rules for the St. James Students ResidenceGeneral-reading test 17 Answers

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