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GT writing task 1 samples

Task 1 of general writing (GT) requires 150 words. GT task 1 involves various types of letters, such as formal and informal letters. In another post, we discussed the difference between a formal letter and an informal letter. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of GT task 1 letters. Our samples are all 7+ bands. You will command your writing style if you follow the techniques in these sample letters. Practice samples like these will help you achieve the band score you want.

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Formal Letters
Formal letter # 1 Your local library is under renovation. You are asked to give your suggestions about the changes you want in the library.
Formal letter # 2 You are a university student who lives in accommodation on the campus
Formal letter # 3 You went to appear for an interview in another city by train
Formal letter # 4 You have recently shifted in a rental apartment with your family
Formal Letter # 5 You have recently come back from an overseas holiday
Formal Letter # 6 Your company sent you to the USA for further training. You stayed for the decided time but you want to stay there for more time.
Formal Letter # 7 You are disturbed by the rubbish and litter problem in your area and street. Write a letter to the local council.
Formal Letter # 8 You did a one day course in a local college but you are unhappy about it.
Informal Letters
Informal letter # 1 You have left college, but you didn’t say goodbye to your friend who lived in the room with you because he had a course at that time.
Informal letter # 2 You participated in a sports event as a team member in a foreign country
Informal letter # 3 You are facing a problem with your neighbour who is leaving rubbish near your house
Informal letter # 4 You have recently shifted to Australia as an immigrant
Informal Letter # 5 English-speaking friend wants to spend a two-week holiday in your region and has written asking for information and advice
Informal letter # 6 Write a letter to your English speaking colleague who is going to shift at your accommodation as you are shifting elsewhere.
Informal letter # 7 You are going out of town for a week’s period for some work.
Informal letter # 8 An overseas friend has invited you to visit his country. You are planning to visit him.

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