Everything you wanted to know about GT Task 1 

GT Task 1


Practice is the key success to achieve anything

This blog covers all the essential parts of General Training (GT) Writing Task 1. Which techniques should use in GT writing task 1. Task 1 evaluates your ability to communicate practices in your daily routine. It is recommended that you should not spend more than 20 minutes on Task 1 because task 2 carries more marks as compared to task 1.


GT task 1 requires a minimum of 150 words. In the letter, questions tell reasons whom to write the letter why to write. In every letter, 3 question points have to answer by the candidate. All the points required high efficacy.

Here are some recommendations which should follow by candidates

  • Use the correct format, whether letter in Formal or Informal
  • Make sure to cover all the three questions

Types of Task 1:

There are two types of task

Formal and Informal

Formal Letter: According to the IELTS guidance, a formal letter is written to an unknown person or someone who is in a higher or respectable position. These people are older than you and not are your family person.

Informal letter:  According to the IELTS guidance, an informal letter is written to a known person like your family member, friend, neighbor, relative, classmate, co-worker, colleague.

Now we understand what the differences between these two letters are?

Formal LetterInformal Letter
A formal letter does not contain contractions (commas)Informal letter contains contractions
I am, I will, I would, It would, You are, They are, He isI’m, I’ll, I’d, It’d, You’re, They’re, He’s
Mostly write in passive formMostly write in active form
Usage of expressions with modalsUsage of expressions with the verb
It would be great if you provide me…I’ll arrive at the airport.
I look forward to hearing from youHope you are good

Letter Structure:

Type of LetterDear Sir, Madam (formal) | Dear Tom, Friend, Hi, Hello (informal)
Paragraph 1 (first point)In this point, tell the reason why writing a letter and describe the first bullet point
Paragraph 2 (second point)Describe the second point that is given in the letter
Paragraph 3 (second point)Describe the point that is given in the letter
SalutationIf the letter is formal that is starts with “Dear Sir/Madam”, the salutation must be “Yours faithfully”. And if the letter is informal and starts with “Dear Tom, Hi”, the salutation must be “your sincerely”
Closing LineIf the letter is about to take action or answer, you should use some common closing lines: I look forward to hearing from you. (Formal) Hope to see you soon. (informal)
NameHere, you can write your own name. Never write a name like XYZ because it sounds not real

How to describe different expressions in the letter

There are different letters on various topics such as request letters, providing information, complaint letters, inviting friends, giving suggestions, applying for jobs, and many more.

Here are some useful expressions that will help you get a better band score.

When showing dissatisfaction/dislike in a letter

I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction…I’m writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction…
I am extremely dissatisfied….I’m extremely dissatisfied…
I am not happy about this…I’m not happy about this…

When showing satisfaction in letter

You provide me with a great opportunityYou’re really nice to provide me with this opportunity.
I am extremely dissatisfied….I’m extremely dissatisfied…
I am happy about this…I’m happy about this…

Giving suggestions

It would be great if you improve this…I think it needs improvement
I would appreciate your service if you could…The service is outdated

How to start your letter?

As described above, each letter is written for a purpose. Just understand the meaning like whom to write, what the issue is, and so on. One thing more if in the letter asked you to introduce yourself, here become a responsibility to tell yourself along with why you are writing this letter.

Here are some lines which could help you get a higher band score.

I am writing this letter to inform you about…
I am writing this letter to draw your attention to…
I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction…
I believe this letter finds you in the best of your health and spirit.
I hope you’re are doing well
It is nice to see you soon
I’m glad to hear from you
I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health.

Describe three bullet points that are given in questions

You should make three separate paragraphs and describe each bullet point. Try to read twice the question statement, make images in mind, and start your writing.

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